Vision & Values

Many children and young people end up in the care system and become looked after by the state as a result of being let down by an adult at some point in their lives either through abuse, neglect or both.

Looked after children may share similar complex issues as their peers; however with their past experiences children in the care system often go through much more extensive issues compared to their peers.

Our vision is to ensure the welfare and safety of children and young people is central to all we do. We aim to embrace diversity and promote learning that values difference.

Our ethos PROGRESS represents:

Prosperity Promote children and young peoples’ growth and success and changing the narrative associated with children in care
Respect To ensure our young people develop and maintain positive relationships with their family, friends and peers throughout their life. Teach respect, but ultimately it’s about ensuring our young people can lead a happy life and treat other people with compassion and empathy.
Opportunity Bringing forth opportunities for children and young people such as employment and training opportunities
Growth Ensure that our young peoples’ growth and development is not hindered or delayed, by traumatic life events.
Resilience Encourage young people to bounce back from life’s down falls
Empowerment Giving them a voice on how the project is ran to best meet and fit their needs
Support To continue supporting young people to the best of our ability whilst on the 4UProgress program.
Success To celebrate and embrace young peoples’ achievements.


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